Is it possible for us to participate with less than 5 students?

Nancy LiNancy Li Member, Teacher

Our family have 2 kids and I want them start Story Writter. But it asked me to add 5 students. I asked my friends and neighbors to participate in my project. But no response yet and then we stuck there.

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  • Toby MetcalfToby Metcalf Administrator, Team BoomWriter admin

    Hi @Nancy Li - thank you for posting your suggestion. I am going to move this to product ideas so others can vote on your idea. I will also share this with our Dev Team.

  • Michelle RennixMichelle Rennix Member, Teacher

    I would like this option as well. I have some students who are far below the level of the rest of the class (Kindergarten level vs sixth grade level). They feel intimidated when they compare their writing to everyone else's, but there are only like four of them. I want to be able to assign something to just them.

  • AnnStillabowerAnnStillabower Unconfirmed, Member
    It would be nice if homeschoolers could use. We only have 2 kids.
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