Redesign your classroom to emphasize openness, flexibility and collaboration.

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Good day all,
Have you embraced flexible and open seating?
Are you getting creative with your classroom and incorporating technology?
Great. You are ahead of the curve and the chances are your students are more engaged, and your school has ­better retention.
Here are some of the befits of flexible seating:

  • Enable different styles of learning with flexible classrooms: Modern learning environments paired with technology, improve student performance.
  • Create a Neighborhood Vibe with Classroom Design: These provide more individualized instruction & students can pursue hands-on learning.
  • Chromebooks, Wi-Fi, and AV Equipment Enhance Learning
  • Flexible furniture allows students and teachers to easily configure rooms for lectures, individual wok, small groups or classroom discussions.

You can access the full article from CDW here.
Please share your recommendations and classroom pictures below.

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