Can students see the revision requests and notes from the rubric?

This would be pretty nice if students could see this. When I made a student account to see what it looks like from their point of view, I couldn't see anything I typed from the teacher side. All it says on my student account is "Revisions Needed". This makes all those comments and notes I typed pretty useless right now.


  • Ken HaynesKen Haynes Member, Teacher ✭✭

    Hi Kristofor - Thanks for reaching out and you make an excellent point regarding the rubrics. Currently, the notes sections of the rubrics are for just that purpose - teachers' notes regarding their individual students' work. Fortunately, this is simply the initial version of our rubrics with the plan for future iterations to include students having access to both the rubrics and teacher comments. I am, however, very sorry the comments you posted will not be available to your students and the fact we do not currently make that clear to our teachers using the site. Thank you very much for using BoomWriter, and please keep us informed if there's anything else you need.

  • Kristofor EdwardsKristofor Edwards Member, Teacher

    Follow up... it would be great to customize rubrics to fit the needs of my students. And just to be clear, when I request revisions and type in the box, those requests aren't visible to the student? Giving students specific feedback seems like a crucial step in the writing process.

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