Hello, I'm trying to create a Group in teacher dashboard but it is imposible

When I press New group, I get a small window but I can not change the group name. And when I press the Create button, never happens. I'm using Google Chrome in a Mac. Can you help me? Thanks


  • Ken HaynesKen Haynes Member, Teacher ✭✭

    Hi Gabriel - Thanks for bringing this up, though I'm sorry to learn you're having some trouble setting up a group. Using Google Chrome in a Mac should not pose a problem. Just to be sure, did you follow these steps: Hover over 'Students' tab in top left then select 'Groups' from the dropdown. Select 'New Group' then click into the box to the right of where it reads 'Group Name' before then typing in the name of the new group you wish to create. From there you should then be able to any students with their own account into the group. Please let us know ASAP if you've gone through these steps and are still having no luck. If that's the case, we'll get our team of technical aces right on it to assist you. Regardless, we apologize for the trouble and greatly appreciate your interest in using BoomWriter with your students.

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