Ideas to motivate a challenged student?

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I am having a so-so time getting my son to get his basic school lessons done each day and stay caught up but we are having to skip any writing assignments like papers and essays, because he fights me to where it ends up making his other assignments overdue and late.  I have tried every approach I have found and I just can't get him to even want to try.  I am hoping that someone here will have some tactics I haven't tried yet:)  Thanks so much!  P.S. We are a first year homeschool family,  my husband is in the Army and is gone a lot.  We don't have any family support where we are and we don't know many people here either.  I have ongoing health issues that complicate life and the last 3 years my son was completely overlooked by the school system here and is so far from being grade level in any subject.  I am going to have to re-do this year, something he should have done 2 years ago, but better now than in middle school.  Any help would be SO appreciated!!
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  • Ken HaynesKen Haynes Member, Teacher ✭✭

    Thank you for reaching out to us, and we are very sorry to learn of some of the challenges you and your son have encountered. We will, however, do our very best to help either directly or by steering you and your son in a direction where you can find some help. One place you may want to start is here: (, which is the HSLDA website containing information for homeschooling parents to connect with others for support and collaboration. It will be great if you could connect with a specific group before then having that group use BoomWriter. I wish very much we ourselves had a solution to provide to you immediately, but our writing activities currently require a minimum of five participants.
    Please email me directly at [email protected] after investigating if and how HSLDA can assist, and I'll continue to think of other tools, sites, etc. that may be able to help your efforts. Thanks again so much for your interest in BoomWriter!
    All the best,
    Ken H.

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