Can't access my dashboard

Hello! I just signed up for BoomWriter, and am really looking forward to utilizing in my classroom. Right now, though, my dashboard continually says, "You have a pending access request to this school." and it gives me the option to resend request, which I've done several times, but nothing happens except it says {"success":true} in the upper left of the screen, but otherwise it's totally blank. What am I missing here? I do have an account, it says...
Thank you,
Julie T


  • Ken HaynesKen Haynes Member, Teacher ✭✭

    Hi Julie - Thanks so much for joining BoomWriter, but I'm sorry you've encountered a bit of trouble. Access to BW school accounts for additional teachers requires approval, which has been done for you so you're now welcome and able to begin conducting super engaging writing activities with your students on BoomWriter. I think you'll like it as well. Regardless, please keep me posted on whatever else you might need.
    Thanks again and all the best,
    Ken H.
    The BoomWriter Team

  • aranchapernasaranchapernas Unconfirmed, Member

    Hi! I have already registered two months ago, I have created my classroom with my students, but now I can't access to my account, the app is aking me to complete information about my profile and when I choose my school it goes again to the begining. I can't check my students. I can't do anything. Thanks.

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