short stories

I'm working with a literature class to create a collection of short stories that the students will be able to critique as a group. Right now I can only find the option of creating a series of chapters, each to be assigned to different students. How can I create a collection of individual stories?



  • Ken HaynesKen Haynes Member, Teacher ✭✭

    Hi and thanks for reaching out to BoomWriter - This sounds like a terrific activity you're planning to engage your students in, and we'd love for our tools to assist you with your efforts. At this time, I believe our WordWriter tool may be the best option for your students to write their individual stories on. The reason for this being students can create and keep their work here with no need for them to have to vote. You may, however, need to extend the writing on the assignment's settings if students are going to return and continue their writing. The students will also be able to submit their drafts to you for review and feedback, which may also prove helpful.

    Thank you so much for using BoomWriter, and please let us know if you have any other questions or need additional assistance. Best of luck with the assignment, it looks like a great one.

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