Greetings From Wolverhampton, England!

A quick hello from Wolverhampton!

I'm Russell Newman, a Learning Technologies consultant in Wolverhampton, England. I am a huge evangelist of BoomWriter (to anyone who will care to listen!) and I am passionate about the role technology plays in Education, particularly within the skills of reading and writing. I have a book published about the role video games can play in engaging pupils to write. I am currently leading the Writing Bee participation of 10 schools in Wolverhampton with around 300 pupils taking part in the event.

I look forward to contributing to the community and seeing BoomWriter become part of the fabric of writing engagement in schools.


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Twitter @LTTOnline

Check out my book here:


  • Toby MetcalfToby Metcalf Administrator, Team BoomWriter admin

    Good luck with the Wolverhampton Writing Bees - very exciting!

  • Ken HaynesKen Haynes Member, Teacher ✭✭

    Hi Russell - Thank you for bringing The Writing Bee into Wolverhampton, U.K. and thus making it a truly global event! Well wishes from BoomWriter to all the Wolverhampton teachers and students!!!

  • RussellRussell Member

    Lots of very excited pupils and staff- the story start has gone down really well in schools too. A good range of schools are taking part- some whole class, some are using it as a tool to extend their gifted writers.

  • Ken HaynesKen Haynes Member, Teacher ✭✭

    Ah, the beauty of BoomWriter. Flexible for teachers to use and always engaging for students. Thanks so much for sharing, Russell!

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