BoomWriter Camps - A Message From a Camp Leader

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The goal of BoomWriter Writing Camps is two-fold:
1. Help students improve their writing through collaboration with peers and reward them with a published book.
2. Give teachers a vehicle to earn additional income doing what they love.
This interview is a first in a series that will highlight a caring teacher going the extra mile for her students and sharing their camp experience.
It was a privilege meeting with Jerri and so glad she was willing to take time to speak with me and share her Camp story.

Would you please offer your general thoughts about Camps?

Jerri: I completed a 1 week camp with 14 students and raised 100% sponsorship for my campers through the generosity of local businesses. As a thank you to the businesses, our school provided each sponsor a copy of the book the students created. My school believes in Camps and supported me in my efforts; I was even allowed to hold the camp in my classroom.

Recruiting students can be a challenge, how did you overcome this?

Jerri: I sent letters home to 4th and 3rd grade students. I discussed the value of Camps with my principal, got buy-in, and we worked together for the benefit of our students.

How did you promote your camp?

Jerri: The letter home was well received by parents.

What are your thoughts of the tools BoomWriter provides?

Jerri: Along with the BoomWriter platform, @Ken was very helpful whenever I had a question. A main reason I utilize BoomWriter is because our state assessments are all online and running a Camp helps students get familiar working online. The online platform coupled with writing practice is a wonderful combination.

Look at the great smiles!

In addition to her work in class, Jerri is also part of EdCamp at Georgia Southern University and you can learn more about it by following @edcampGSU on Twitter.
I hope you found this article helpful; please leave your comments and questions below. Please connect with me if you would like to share your camp story or please start your own discussion :-)
Thank you for inspiring others.

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