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my name is Elisabetta, from Italy.
I am sorry if this space is not the correct one to ask this question.
I am experiencing boomwriter storywriting with my class for the first time.
I followed the instructions: I put in the first chapter, then they wrote the second one. Now they are voting. Still 2 of them have to vote but it seems like there are 5 or 6 with equal points. What do you suggest to do in case there will not be a number one?
Thank you

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  • Ken HaynesKen Haynes ✭✭
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    Hi Elisabetta - Yes, as soon as you opt to 'End Voting' a winner should then be automatically determined by the site. You'll then have the option of editing the winning chapter yourself, or you can let the student who wrote the winning chapter edit it him/herself. If you have digital projector, you could also possibly conduct this with your entire class (my preferred method).

    There are, however, rare instances in which there will be a tie. You as the teacher are able to read these finalists' submissions and then select the one you believe is the best. The teacher's vote essentially serves as the tie-breaker.

    I hope this is all helpful!

  • Toby MetcalfToby Metcalf admin
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    Thanks for jumping in @Ken


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