The Writing Bee and your EdTech toolbox

Toby MetcalfToby Metcalf Administrator, Team BoomWriter admin

"Edtech tools are helping educators everywhere discover new possibilities for writing instruction. Teachers are happier. They’re reading student work that’s more thoughtful, properly revised, and well researched, and they’re able to give efficient, effective feedback to each student. The teetering stacks of papers waiting to be graded are gone. "

This is an excerpt from a story published by Tech & Learning discussing EdTech and how the Writing Bee is part of the EdTech toolbox used in Milton Public Schools. Please read the entire story here and review these very impressive numbers produced by the students during their Bee:
1. Over 2 million words in 4 weeks
2. Students wrote for a total of 78,873 minutes
3. Students produced a total of 2,245,621 words

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